What is the importance of Yoga in our daily life?

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What is the importance of Yoga in our daily life?

Brief of Yoga

Before knowing the importance of Yoga, it’s important to know the meaning and concept of Yoga. This word originated from Sanskrit,one of the oldest languages and it translates to union or addition in common terms. The basic philosophy of Yoga is to sync your mind and body with nature thus all Yoga Asanas, Yoga Poses and Yoga Dhyana are essentially a replication of nature in some form or other. It involves stretching of our body parts, muscles and various ancient breathing techniques. However, there are risk factors involved in performing it but they are minimal amongst all forms of exercises. 

Importance of Yoga in our daily lives is countless and now modern scientists and doctors have started accepting it on a broader scale. We know that maintaining good chemical equilibrium in body prevents us from numerous diseases, mood swings and uplifts our spirit. Yoga works on the chemical balance of our body thus it is appreciated a lot. It covers all three physical, mental & spiritual aspects of healthy living. 

Help in controlling body weight

We all have been accustomed to eating untimely meals and eating a lot of fast food these days. This leads to increased body weight. Amongst the numerous benefits, controlling the body weight by doing Yoga regularly is one. It balances the BMI (Body Mass Index) essential for weight loss. 

Stress Reduction & Mood changer

We should manage everything but not the stress. Our modern lifestyle and unending work have put us in a place where Stress is very natural. In such cases, Yoga can not only bring peace but also mindfulness. 

One of the importance of yoga in modern life is that it enables us to be calm and manage our energy level. It is an exercise form to be lean and attractive. Stress reduction is also amongst the top benefits of Yoga.

Reduction in Back, Neck Pain and arthritis 

Long term sitting and unhealthy food habits have made our bodies more vulnerable. Strains and pains have become a byproduct of this habit. According to an online survey 7 out of 10 employees have Cervical issues those who are involved in long sitting jobs. Daily adoption of Yoga practices reduces the risk of arthritis and very useful for Neck & Back pain. This gives strength and endurance to you mind and body.

Improved Focus & high productivity 

Our focus and concentration are distracted by our fast-paced lifestyle. Usage of electronic gadgets have increased by multifold. Yoga can help you raise your awareness of the present moment and it helps us to build concentration. 

A sharp concentration is good for everyone, especially those who do art work. So if you are an artist, try to inculcate the habit of  Yoga in your daily life for more qualitative and productive work.   

Increased IQ and Memory 

Many researchers suggest that doing Yoga helps improve concentration thus results to Increased IQ and memory. Yoga helps us to become more sharp and focused throughout the day. 

Effective for heart diseases 

Many certain techniques in Yoga teaches us the art of breathing exercises. This unique teaching enables us to maintain a very healthy heart rate. Chances of heart attacks are drastically reduced by practising Yoga & Meditation on a daily basis. Best part of these breathing techniques is that they can be done anywhere anytime. 

Body Strength, flexibility & improved posture 

When it comes to making your body strong and flexible then Yoga ticks all the necessary boxes. Yoga is mainly based on stretching of muscles and physical activity thus it makes our body more adjustable and helps us with flexibility. With improved flexibility you could always achieve more.Yoga also helps with maintaining your body postures and healthy lifestyle.

Increased Energy Level & Vitality 

Sometimes, we wake up with low energy and we tend to procrastinate. Meanwhile, we curse our habit of procrastination for any problem in our life but low energy in body and less flexibility are the main reasons behind it. Our life becomes much more manageable and flexible with daily practice of  this physical exercise. It is a miraculous way to increase energy vitality and productivity.

Self-healing and perfect equilibrium of harmony 


Our body is known to heal itself. The chemical fluids in our body are responsible for self healing and they also leave a significant impression on our mood. Yoga helps to attain a perfect equilibrium of chemicals and it controls other chemicals which blocks the self-healing process. It also plays a key role to control your nervous system.

Better relationship with people

Relationships are just the reflection of your action with your partner. If you try to understand the reason then stress and mood swings are mainly responsible for your behaviour. Yoga helps us to manage your stress level and releases Serotonin (A hormone responsible for Happiness) thus it can be said that it is good for your relationships too. If possible, involve your partner while practicing it so you both could reap more benefits. 

Blood Pressure control 

Yoga also focuses on blood circulation in your body and preventing discomforts related to High blood pressure or Low blood pressure. 

Control in losing muscle mass 

Our body starts losing muscle mass around the age of 40 and it deteriorates further. Practicing Yoga improves the body muscles and it also helps us to look more attractive.  

These are just glimpses of benefits and it shows the importance of Yoga in our modern life. Yoga is not only for people who are in problem or facing certain physical discomfort. It can be practiced by anyone and by any age group. 



Children and new mothers are benefited the most by performing Yoga. 

Incase, if you still have some questions about the benefits of Yoga then here are Some Research insights for you.

Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons  This research is conducted by Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, NY, USA and it takes about the benefits of Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (A certain type of Yoga). By reading this report it’s evident that breathing technique can do wonders.

Efficacy of Rajayoga Meditation on Positive Thinking –  This study is about the psychological studies on mindfulness meditation and its improvement. 

Boston University study – Yoga Asana sessions increase brain GABA levels: a pilot study. 

How to start 

Yoga and Meditation can be started anywhere at any level. In some medical conditions, doctors prohibit any kind of stretching so yes please consult your doctor before you start doing it. There are many benefits associated with Yoga for mental and physical health both. 


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Disclaimer : This article does not provide any medical advice, services or suggestions. It is written for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. This is purely a third party research data.

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