Where are you on your new year’s resolutions

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Where are you on your new year’s resolutions?

Only 8 % people complete their new year resolution.

It’s been almost more than a month since we moved into 2020.  We all made some new year resolutions for this year such as quitting cigarettes, writing books, starting to go gym, healthy diet, quitting alcohol and what not.

Some of us didn’t make any resolution, not because we don’t want to but because we tried and failed many times.

Some of us are doing well and some us have even forgotten what we promised to do at the start of the year. Let’s understand why majority of people fail in keeping new year’s resolution and how to avoid it but first see the graph below.

First understand why we make resolution?

Change is an essence of life and we know it consciously or subconsciously. We all want to improve quality of our life and want to become better version. New brings triggers a feeling of change in mind thus we push to change and end up making new year resolution.

5 Hacks to keep your habit going:

1. Don’t eat elephant in one go

Well, you can’t blame yourself here. We all want to change many things in life but we often ignore that habits take time to change. Even a smallest habit like brushing before going to bed takes more than 2 months of practice.

Try not to curb your bad habits at once. We are very less likely to succeed with this method. How many times it had happened with you that you wanted to start something new but couldn’t do it.

Just analyse the reason behind every failed new year resolution and you will find the answer.

2. Ask you family & friends support

Giving up is not an option when you got your family or friends to support you.

3. Make a to-do list with ‘a no to-do’ list

We have limited energy for the day and if we use it on several things then it’s get distracted.

Always ensure that you know what is your 20% of work which impacts most of the day and finish it.

You will very soon start seeing results.

4. Be specific

Remember what was that one thing which you wanted to change in your life so badly on 1st January 2020, just one thing.

5. Try to take a leave from everything once in a month

Our lives are more distracted than ever. We don’t need to know why, we already know the reason. So plan a day leave in a month from everything, even from your phone, if feasible. This time helps you recollect your thought.

Apply 5 minutes rule

This is a very simple rule. You do what you like to do for 5 minutes. At least, here you can’t find any excuse. This is how many learn many things.

I hope this article helps you to complete your new year’s resolution.

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