Short Love Stories – Long calls in long nights

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Short Love Stories – Long calls in long nights

Long calls in long nights (A short story) : In an age of momentary relationships, it feels really good to know that love is not extinct. Some say that love is a futile and some say that it is all you need. Every love story is different in its own way. Every love story has a different ending but one thing that we want to be same in every story is a Happy Ending.

Kabir & Ananya (A call led to marriage)

It is said that opposites do attract and can make the best couple and this was going to happen with Ananya. It was around 3 AM, she was half asleep, she found a Facebook message notification on her mobile screen.

Without thinking much, she replied ‘Hey’. She could barely sleep after that as she continued chatting with Kabir for the next 4 hours. It was 7:30 in the morning, her alarm rang and she realized that she was chatting with him the whole night.

It was time to get up and go to the office. But, she wanted her conversation with Kabir to go on. Kabir and Ananya decided to meet in real. They went to a coffee shop later that evening and realized that they had a lot more to talk about.

Every day, Ananya started to wait for evening restlessly to meet Kabir. After 3 months of having met, they decided to go to queen of hills for a weekend getaway. Ananya was very happy, she could not stop thinking about him. They reached and Ananya was surprised by the majestic view of the city from the top of the hill.

Kabir, overlooking the beauty of the place, whispered in her ears, “Would you shed the tag of girlfriend and marry me instead”. Ananya accepted the proposal and Kabir hugged him like never before. Finally, after convincing their families for two years, they both got married and lead a “Happy Married Life”.

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