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While, we all use different lenses to see this life and it is also true that everyone has a somewhat similar or contrary lenses than each other but seeing the “Life as it is” is probably a different task for everyone. at times, it happens that we work on something with certain aim and outcome turns out to be a completely different than you had imagined. Does it happen with you all the time or most of times? I would rather say, it happens all the time. Reason for this is very simple I presume, We don’t see “Life as it is”

So what do we do to see Life as it is? Answer is Nothing, Yes Nothing!  We are unique in all the possible ways. I won’t bore you with cliche philosophy nor I am interested in motivating you because motivation comes as goes as an emotion.

This is also an ordinary emotion like laughing, feeling loved, anger, hate or any known emotion.  This is just an another equilibrium of chemicals in your body.

When you fail to see “Life as it is”  you tend to find yourself a purpose but before finding a purpose wait for a minute. I want to ask a favor from all of you. Please review few years of your life. Just look at a glance that what you learned, what you acquired, what emotions you went through the most etc. Though this is not good enough for the realization but it works in a way. Again use of a cliche line “Learn from mistakes”. As far as my understanding goes, you have become more mature than you were.  I won’t ask you trust yourself and other wisdom giving quotes because they are easily available.

We live in an social economical era where we do what is being done by all. A stage will come in life where you would see your “Life as it is.” You don’t anyone to see it neither parents, friends, teachers, colleagues or any of your acquaintances.

Meanwhile, just try to make your own stories. It’s proven that stories are the best means to communicate and understand. We at Interesting Stories trying to promote writing and reading. If you get time or want to inculcate the habit of reading, do visit us. We are also like you. We have our own stories to tell and you may also tell yours.

I can say that if you are reading this content and have come to this sentence where reading average of a blog is less than 20% then your are quite mature and also brought up in instantaneous result oriented society. “Life as it is”  is not that way. You don’t get results in 2 weeks, 2 years or 10 years. For some people it takes their whole life and even though they don’t succeed but trust me this kind of people should be your first choice to befriend if you want to learn from experience. Enjoy everything at fullest!!!

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