Truth Behind “The Men Who Stare At Goats”

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Truth Behind The Men Who Stare At GoatsSome time between the late 70′s and early 80′s there was a real Special Army Forces Intel First Sergeant Glenn Wheaton, played by George Clooney in the movie. The movie takes a light hearted look at how the U.S. Army Intellegence explored paranormal powers and what they titled, “New Age”. Weird as it may sound, more of the movie is true, but in a less comical sense.

Unlike the character Clooney plays, Wheaton was an experienced Green Beret who had the unique ability to supposedly “remote view”. Meaning he could view places with being in the area physically. The movie focuses on the event in which Glen Wheaton killed a goat by staring at it. He has since recounted the event to both the author of “The Crazy rulers of the World”, Jon Ronson and in an interview used for this movie.

In the movie they explained what the Green Barets at Ft. Bragg got used to calling “The Goat Lab”. Medic would train their for learning how to treat gun shots and other various wounds on goats. They also used these goats to teach the men how clean them, so they could teach people in other countries to clean them properly.

Within this training based, there was an area called the pit where the men would train with hand-to-hand combat. At one point they brought a goat into the pit with them and it scampered around during the training exercises. After a few rounds of one on one the instructor grabbed the goat by the horns and staked the leash to the ground so it couldn’t run away. The instructor, Michael, kept repeating “Where are your minds?” while staring at the goat intensely.

Wheaton stated the goat began braying like a horse, then dropped to its forelegs and began dripping blood from its nose. With in 30 seconds red foam began to leak from its mouth and passed out dead shortly after. Glen swears that the instructor never touched the goat in any fashion during the event and that it was due to his Qigong training, teachings about an intangible force.

  • Peter

    I never heard this story but Wheaton is a credible source. I know the real story or other story of the goat killing by numbers which I think the movie is based on. I’m the inventor of the predator used in the movie and was in the book.. my 2 cents worth…