Top 5 Most Unbelievable Stories

Top 5 Most Unbelievable Stories

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First Story:

An unusual case in stolen identity where the Czech republic stole a photo from a local face book page Christmas card photo. What Danielle Smith didn’t expect was their family photo to be spotted by a friend on a food store in Prague. With out any authorization or consent the photo was glued to the side of the store in a massive fashion. The Grazie store owned explained he had taken the photo from the internet but had know idea the photo was of a real family, probably not an excuse the judge will accept. Because of her surprise photo appearance in a foreign country Smith has received over 180,000 hits on her website since the story was released on MSNBC. “This story doesn’t frighten me, but the potential frightens me,” Smith said.

Second Story:

An Ecuadorian thought it would be a funny idea to open up a Facebook group using the name “If I get 1,000,000 I, Jose Romero, will tattoo the 151 Pokemon on my back”. Instantly thousands of people flocked to the page with Jose expecting it. After 25 hours over 50,000 people had joined the group in order to further pursue the embarrassing tattoo promised by Mr. Remero. After the ridiculous amount of joining users he blocked the group profile in hopes to hide the challenge he had started. The extremely disappointed users belonging to the group wanted to give him a few words for his lack of commitment to his group agreement. The group currently has 600,000 followers and counting!

Third Story:

A documentary film maker named Dan Woolley was filming and producing a documentary about the poverty in Haiti. During one of the scene shootings an earthquake struck crumbling the building around him. Barely escaping his death he made refuge in an elevator where he pulled out his Iphone in order to access the IPhone first aid app called Pocket First Aid and CPR. The smart phone application showed him how to treat his wounds correctly and with little risk. After sustaining multiple injuries from falling debris from the ceiling he was able to illuminate the area with his cellphone light and camera flash so he could apply first aid to himself. He was able to stop the bleeding from a head injury and tourniquet his which has sustained a serious injury and needed medical attention. The IPhone app even informed him that if he felt himself going into shock that he shouldn’t let himself fall asleep, so he set his alarm on his phone to go off in 20 minute intervals. 65 hours after the initial earthquake he was rescued by a French rescue team.

Fourth Story:

An incredible Designer, Stuart Hughes, from Liverpool spent 10 months meticulously designing a Iphone case that was originally commissioned by a very wealthy Australian businessman, who choose to remain anonymous, in 2009. The main part of the casing of the famous IPhone 3gs Supreme was created using 271 grams of 22 carat gold, no dilutents. The bezel of case has 136 flawless diamonds embedded in the front, overall it totals about 68 carats. The Apple logo on the back was created using another 53 miscellaneous gems and jewels. The main navigation control button is made from a single, multiple carat diamond. Because of the extraordinary.

Fifth Story:

A medical student doing a toxicology rotation for the poison control center recieved a call stating that her child had eaten ants. The employee informed the upset woman that ants wouldn’t harm her daughter if she ate them and that there would be no need for the child to be hospitalized. After she calmed down she mentioned that because of her panic and over cautious nature she had given her daughter some ant poison to eat in order to kill the ants. The employee immediately informed the women that her daughter would need medical treatment, now! The little girl was hospitalized for observation after having her stomach pumped to rid her of insect poison.