Top 10 Weirdest Cars Ever Made

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1. Floppy Disk Corpse Car

Just about every inch of this car in covered in floppy disk corpses, from the bumper to bumper. From the looks of the car the floppy disks seem to be holding up pretty well, cool design overall though, defiantly one of the more unique.

Weirdest Car Covered In Floppy Disks

2. Glow In The Dark Duck Truck

While this doesn’t look like it serves much of a purpose, it is entertaining to see a massive 60 mile-per-hour duck go floating by you down the road. Seeing as the shell is made from light weight material, it probably doesn’t weigh a terrible amount, but on the other hand, it does look like a massive Chinese lantern at the same time.

Weirdest Car Shaped Like A Duck

3. Teza 1 Grass Car

A car that is sure to command attention, its not every day that a car has a paint job made of fake grass. I’d imagine that it hides the dirt quite well though, on the other hand more debree might be attracted to it at the same time. Still an awesome idea for your car regardless of logic.

Weirdest Car Covered In Astroturf

4. Massive High Heel Three-Wheel

This very unusual car is actually drivable if you can believe it, although it is a three wheel vehicle. They have a nasty rating for crashes, but never the less its a clever idea and its sure to grab some attention when cruise down the street in a massive high heel.

Weirdest Car Shaped Like A Shoe

5. Four-Faced Gargoyle Hotrod

By far one of the coolest cars to have in your collection or even for everyday use. There are 5 faces when you look at the car but there are only two half faces in the back. The amazing sports car used to be a jaguar luxury sports car, well known for being high speed vehicles.

Weirdest Car Gargoyle Hotrod

6. A True Wooden Wagon Vehicle

Defiantly not an average family car, it sure has a uniquely antique appearance to it. Not the strangest car to look at, but a car made out of wood is far from your average two-seated roadster.

Weirdest Car Contructed of Wood

7. The Van Is Always Watching

Quite possible the most photogenic object on the planet, seeing as it can capture every angle all at once. There are over 300+ cameras attached to the abnormal van. Unfortunately the cameras are obviously not functional and even if they were all working, the cost of the batteries to run them all would be more than the cost of the van.

Weirdest Car Covered In Cameras

8. Transparent Horse Power

The most accurate sense of single horse power vehicle ever designed. The transparency might not be the most necessary part of the vehicle, but I suppose the horse would like to see where it is running to. All said and one, its one of the coolest “motor” vehicles ever made.

Weirdest Car Ever 8

9. Legendary Shark Truck

The most entertaining and head turning trucks that any car collector would love town. It probably isn’t amphibious, but you can always hope. This should be the standard restoration method for old Ford or Chevy.

Weirdest Car Ever 9

10. The Evil Volvo

The head shape attached to the Volvo probably doesn’t serve a purpose, but as a vacation spot, it doesn’t do to shabby. The upper deck hold about 6 passengers comfortably while the cabin portion of the floating head holds your standard 6 passengers. Sitting on the upper deck while its moving probably isn’t recommended however.

Weirdest Evil Car

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    these are so weird and kinda cool ;D