Susana Mendoza Scrapped Winning Design In Chicago Contest

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Susana Mendoza Scrapped Winning DesignA Chicago clerk who works for the city, is buying a $1000 savings bond for the winning vehicle registration sticker during the 2012-2013 contest. The contest winning design was trashed due to the supposed gang signs that it showed.

The sticker was designed by a talented 15-year-old boy who goes to school for trouble youngsters. Herbert Pulgar included the city’s family skyline inside a heart, with two hands pointed straight up at a police hat, firefighter helmet and the classic paramedic symbol. Pulgar states the the symbol was mainly meant to honor and promote the public services: police, fire department and the paramedics.

Unfortunately the city clerk named Susana Mendoza over reacted to the artwork and said it contained gang signals, so she scrapped the winning design and decided not to use it. Instead the runner ups design will be used, that picture depicts the same three branches as super hero’s. Mendoza did offer her condolences to Pulgar and said its awful that this happened to him.