House Wife Performs Home Torture Castration

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Earlier that night, Catherine had laced her husband’s food with a drug of some kind. He believed that something was wrong with the food so he went and laid down. According to the police reports, her husband woke up confined to the bed as Becker took a knife and removed his penis. She then threw the severed penis in the garbage disposal. Mrs. Becker eventually called 911 for medical assistance, surprisingly enough when the authorities arrived Mrs. Becker said “he deserved it”. She is currently been held on charges for aggravated mayhem, false imprisonment and assault with a deadly weapon. If she is convicted of all of the charges she could face life in prison. The couple was going through a divorce but as no one knows why she went to these lengths of torture. When he arrived at the hospital the immediate thought was to stop the bleeding. The authorities attempted to recover the remains but his manhood will have to be recreated from the ground up.
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