Grenade Is Thrown In Iran Football Match (Video)

In an Asian Champions League football match a grenade was thrown onto the field with the intent to kill a few players and/or referee’s.

The game was the quarter finals between the Iran’s Sepahan and Ahli of Saudi Arabia when a hand grenade landed on the field just fee away from the players. A midfielder, who was simply w[......]

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Delhi Airport Catches Lorises Underwear Smuggler

Delhi Airport Catches Lorises Underwear SmugglerIn an Indian airport three men were arrested after one of them was caught with a Lorises in his underwear. These primates are often sold on to people in other countries to be kept as pets because they are only chimpunk-sized.

Hamad Al-Dhaheri, Mohammed Al-Shamsi, and Rashid Al-Shamsi have been accused of smuggled while i[......]

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Construction Worker Survives Iron Bar Skull Skewering

Construction Worker Survives Iron Bar Skull SkeweringIn Rio De Janerio a 24-year-old man, who works on a construction site, survived a severe accident when a 6-foot metal bar dropped from above him and landed in his head. The steel bar pierced his head from the to and exited out the left side of his face, below his eyebrow.

Eduardo Leite’s was rushed to the hospital where[......]

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Man Orders A TV and Get Assault Rifle

Man Orders A TV and Get Assault RifleSeth Horvitz, a 38-year old man in Washington D.C., ordered a flat-screen television through Amazon online ordering system. Days later he had received his package and was surprised to find that a television was not in the box, but a military-grade assault rifle that is priced around $2,000.

Some how Horvitz’s name wound[......]

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